Friday, May 20, 2011

One week in

Its officially been one week since I arrived in Sevilla - hard to believe! I absolutely love it here, and I feel like I've been here for much longer than 7 days. The last few days have been fun and interesting - we had our first full week of classes, we've gone shopping, had a lot to eat, done some people watching, and most of all walked A LOT. I feel like we're learning a lot about the people of Sevilla too (as in, if you see one of them walking straight towards you on the sidewalk, you better move because they will run you over in an instant).

Tomorrow we're leaving for a day trip to Italica to view some ancient Roman ruins, and then we're headed to playa de MatalascaƱas for some time at the beach! My friends and I also just booked 2 amazing trips - a long weekend in Lagos, Portugal and a weekend in Cadiz (the oldest city in Spain).

We also went to Las Setas - a huge new architectural/artistic structure in the main plaza of Sevilla. It looks kind of like a giant waffle, but the name means "the mushrooms". We were able to go to the top for free as a part of the grand opening and the view was AMAZING. We could see all of Sevilla and the city is absolutely gorgeous at night.

Lola is the cutest senora ever. And it helps that her food has been delicious so far. Unlike many other host moms, Lola doesn't deep fry her food and she cooks with tons of vegetables - its very nice! Sam and I are planning on taking her out to dinner at the cafe/bar that is attached to our apartment complex sometime soon. We also found the most amazing pasteleria (pastry shop), which happens to be conveniently located inside our apartment complex as well. It smells amazing every day we walk past it, so yesterday we finally gave in and went inside - there are SO many different kinds of pastries and ice cream to choose from, as well as freshly made was delicious.

Well I guess I should be going to sleep now since I have to get up early tomorrow morning for our trip! Hasta pronto :)

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  1. Enjoy!! Find a place for us to stay in Cadiz if you can, we would love to go there when we are there.